Welcome to the exciting world of meromictic lakes!

A panorama view of Pakasaivo

About the site

This site is especially dedicated for the meromictic lakes of Lapland but doesn't exclude other meromictic lakes around the globe. People tend to sense and feel things around meromictic lakes, which are usually beyond their senses. There is tranquility, not from this world, present around these lakes. Almost every visitor around these lakes is touched in a way or another, for some these experiences are deeper than for others, but none is left cold.

About the passion

The fascination of meromictic lakes, in my opinion, is in their dichotomic nature. They are breathtakingly beautiful, yet at the same time horrifying because of their depth and ability to preserve matter in the stable environment. Visitors of meromictic lakes are enchanted by them and at the same time scared of the unknown secrets they hold. Fears are gained when the history of pagan worship around the lakes is revealed to visitors.

About my inner zeal

Personally, I became interested in meromictic lakes for the first time in 1997, when I quickly visited lake Pakasaivo during a holiday trip to Lapland. I didn't take any steps beyond the marked route or fences built to protect tourists from serious accidents that might happen if great care is not taken on every step. It took 17 years, in the year 2014, when I revisited Pakasaivo and ignored the tourist fences. After that, my life has not been same again. It struck me hard that these lakes are natures own, incorruptible time capsules which hold the history of nature and the local population in a way that is not possible in any other natural formations. There are not that many places in the populated world where modern human activity have not been mixed with the past in a way that makes nature's record incomprehensible and corrupted.

About God's marvels

Nature is filled with God's miracles, and one doesn't have to visit a meromictic lake to experience one. God's miracles are present everywhere and can be studied anywhere. For me, this is one of the most sensible ways to spend time. God's creativity is infinite and inside one marvel is another marvel, leading into an endless chain of wonders. Unfortunately, we are too numb for the marvels around us, and therefore man needs to go to sparsely populated areas to see the same phenomena that surround him every day.

About meromictic lakes

A meromictic lake is a lake where the upper and lower levels of water never mix with each other resulting in an oxygen-free environment that can preserve matter (organic and inorganic) practically in an immutable state. Only a few organisms can live in an oxygen-free environment, and since one of these is purple sulfur bacteria, the sulfur content usually increases with the depth of the lake. Meromictic lakes are very deep, without a solid bottom, and in a sense, bottomless. Most of them are steep-sided, the depth and steep-sidedness working as barriers for the intermixing of different water layers. In Pakasaivo, the lake gets its water from underwater springs and streams that flow into it from the cliffs surrounding it. According to the legends, Pakasaivo has been a place for worship and sacrificial rituals in the age of natural religions.

About Pakasaivo and Äkäsaivo

Pakasaivo and Äkässaivo are known to be, according to folk memory, sacrificial site of Sámi people, which were probably the very first inhabitants of Finland. Old legends tell about sacrificial rituals that had to be performed to gain good catch from the lake. It has been assumed that the cave-like holes in the rock walls have been used as sacrificial places where gifts for the spirits of Pakasaivo has been given. I have found bones and fragments of bones from the rock walls of Pakasaivo, but these have probably been, in my opinion, remnants of recently died birds and reindeers.